i really would like a girlfriend now :(

basically, what i mean is, i feel like shes the same age as me, its weird as fuck because 20 is quite older than me 2 years i dont really talk to people older than me, idk what im on about

im talking to a 20 year old like shes 18, this is weird xD

but shes soooo cool tho

is a good way to geta  girl to like you just talk to her more and more not even hinting that you think shes hella cute and just make her like you by being sweet and not showing that you like her?

you make me feel very sad, even though you havent done anything bad to me


once i got very drunk in a bar and my mum had to pick me up so i was trying to act normal by keeping the conversation so i asked her if shes a virgin and she looked at me with pain in her eyes and said “i wish i was”

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breathe if im your favorite blog

thank you

do a triple backflip if I’m not

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Some times I wonder if anyone finds me a attractive at all :/

have you ever had it when you want someone to message you so bad, but you dont have to the balls to talk to them :(


Leeds festival was epic, met so many awesome people shame most of them were met on the last night so i only got to hang around with them for one night, saw so many awesome bands, but the highlight had to be Arctic Monkeys they were fucking brilliant :D